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Tecumseh Silensys SILAG2544ZTZ 3 phase condensing unit (R404A)

Product Code: 683455


Product Features

  • Compressor oil sigfht glass and schraeder connection for oil fill/drain
  • Rubber vibration absorbers provided with each model
  • Crankcase heaters
  • Required for use on some applications
  • And essential on all zf models
  • Are not included as standard but are available as wrap around types
  • Internal discharge gas temperature protection(zr18k81k and zb1945k)
  • Discharge line thermostat (zf0918k and zs1545k and zb50k
  • Zb58k
  • Zb66k
  • Zb76k
  • Zb95k
  • Zb114k)
  • Interna discharge temperature sensor in conjunction with electronic motor protection module (zr90k19m
  • Zf2448k
  • Zs5692k and 11m)
  • Internal self resetting motor protector current and temperature sensitive
  • Single phase compressors are not supplied with the necessary electrical components but these are available as an additional m
  • Low starting torque (compressors start unloaded) there is no requirement for start assist devices on single phase zr models
  • Please note: compressors with rotalock connections are not supplied with rotalock valves or single phase electrical components. ari 540 fht conditions 7.2°c evaporating/ 54.4°c condensing/ 11.1k superheat/ 8.3k subcooling

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