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Danfoss FR10GK compressor (R134A)

Product Code: 683595


Product Description

The Danfoss compressor range goes from small direct current hermetic compressors for mobile applications up to large scroll compressors for commercial air conditioning or industrial applications. Special versions, such as energy optimized compressors, variable speed compressors and compressors for solar applications are available. The range covers all common HFC, HCFC and CFC refrigerants as well as hydro-carbons for the smaller models. Danfoss compressors are used in numerous applications such as white goods, mobile refrigeration, light commercial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration and air conditioning.

Product Features

  • FR compressor for R134a L/M/HBP 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Compressor complete with oil charge, electrical equipment, mounting accessories and instructions in single pack
  • 1) Test conditions: EN 12900/CECOMAF (R134a). Condensing temperature 55 °C, return gas temperature 32 °C, subcooling 0 K, 50 Hz
  • 2) Voltage range: 187–254V/50Hz L/M/HBP
  • 198–254V/60Hz LBP
  • 3) Evaporating temperature range: 50Hz -30 to 10°C
  • 60Hz -30 to -10°C
  • 4) For use in L/M/HBP household and light commercial applications.

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