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A-Gas F-Gas Tape

Product Code: 688716

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Product Features

  • Each roll of tape is 66m long and 50mm wide
  • One label measures 218mm and reads “this equipment contains fluorinated greenhouse gases” and has the following sections that require completing by the engineer:
  • Refrigerant gas: r _______________ * please add the refrigerant type i.e. r404a
  • Charge size: _______________ kg * please add the refrigerant charge size i.e. 10
  • Gwp: _______________ * please add the relevant refrigerants gwp i.e. 3922 for r404a
  • Co2 equivalent: _______________ * this can be calculated by taking the refrigerant gwp and multiplying by the charge size of the system i.e. 39220 for 10kg of r404a.